Time for Change…

I rarely ever comment on politics.
I don’t give a ton of commentary on current events.
Those that know me know that.

I have found that the Gospel of Jesus is far more effective at bringing change.

And, I have become completely disillusioned with most politicians anyways.

I also always want people to be able to hear the life changing message of Jesus, and not be distracted by anything else.

However, I do believe that His Gospel is meant to inspire us to manifest justice, practical love, and to actually be involved in our world!

This is a special time in the United States, a really special time.

And, Christians would do well to be active, listening, humble, and involved, especially right now.

All while keeping the main thing, the main thing! The Gospel! All people are included and loved in His Gospel! Whites, blacks, the abused, the abusers, rich, poor, police, criminals, all sexual preference, whoever from wherever! All have been made holy and blameless in Jesus Christ! So we can manifest forgiveness and real reconciliation!

Because of this Gospel, and in this special time of history, I really want to be listening more… to voices that I am not used to, to voices different than mine, to those I haven’t heard. Please pray for me, and help me with that!

And, I also feel inspired to speak up more, in words and in deeds, on behalf of the oppressed and hurting.

I have been watching and listening for a while now to many things from many sides, and it may have taken me too long to say something, in some of your opinions. And, I can hear that. In others’ opinions, you could care less what I say.

But, this is actually from my heart. It’s just as much for me.

I want to say this:


I know some of you will stop reading right there.
Some probably stopped reading a while back, LOL.

But, my conscience and my heart resonate with the fire that is in the bones of the black people who are upset across this nation.

I do not agree with several aspects of the “black lives matter” organization. Just being honest, from my heart as well. Much of it concerns me.

The radical left concerns me as much as the radical right.

However, it should be very easy to recognize that there is a problem with police brutality in this country.

And, it should be easy for anyone with love in their heart to recognize that black people are worth standing up for, especially when they are hurting.

I know there are many complex issues that surround the current cultural climate.

So, why do I especially think it’s important to say that

Because I still see so many white Christians who seem only eager to:
-Defend the police
-Criticize black people or those protesting on their behalf
-Promote politicians who disrespect people of color
-Stay out of it or stay silent

And, I agree that there are some great police officers out there!
And, I don’t want to eliminate police!
And, I don’t hate Trump or his supporters!
And, I don’t support looting or destruction!
And I don’t think every white person needs to make a public statement of support to prove they are a good person!

But, I am calling myself and the people in my circles to higher account.

Let’s join with the oppressed.
Let’s listen to the hurting.
Let’s consider their ideas.

Without hatred for anyone.
Without needing to be right.

Ultimately understanding that we are all one family. We don’t need to be separated in any way! We are One in the Glory of Jesus! He showed us the Way at the cross!

I respect those of you that are concerned about the radical left. I am too. The Answer has nothing to do with more hatred and violence.

My post tonight isn’t about me having white guilt, or aligning with the black lives matter organization, or promoting violent looters, or destroying the police force.

Right now, I just want to express this especially because I have grown up around mostly white Anglo Saxon Protestants…
We are not failures.
We are not all racists.

It’s time to do better.
We can’t tolerate any racism among us.
Jesus loves black people too

Authority figures are not meant to abuse!

It’s time to make this ABUNDANTLY CLEAR.

This should all be common sense, but because so many conservative Christians don’t seem able to say it publicly…

I want to listen and learn And love people better

I will always believe that the Glory of Jesus is what gives us unity.

But, that unity comes with real life tangible demonstrations of care and concern.

BLACK LIVES MATTER. I’m ready to do better.


P.S. I could care less who this pleases or doesn’t please. And, if it makes you reconsider your opinion of me, maybe ask me to clarify, and let’s have a conversation. But, I don’t bow to any religion, political party, or opinion of man. I don’t expect anyone else to either.

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