A rough draft excerpt from my new book…

GOD IS THE HIGH!  (an excerpt from the new book)

First things
first then, God is the high!  Namely,
Jesus Christ is the high!  What are we
talking about?  This is the experience of
God.  Throughout history, people have
gotten overwhelmed by the Glory of God.
We will explore that more in depth later.  But, for now, let’s make just a very short
list of my favorite examples. I have always loved it when people would have to
fall over because God was so intense.  In
the book of second Chronicles chapter five, it says that the priests were
unable to stand because of the cloud of God’s Glory!  The prophet Daniel was recorded to have
fallen flat out in the book of Daniel chapter eight, after experiencing God in a
powerful way.  When John, who already
knew God intimately saw Jesus, in the book of Revelation chapter one, he was forced
to fall as well.

What mankind
often fails to realize is that God is not just an idea!  God is not just a far off ethereal
concept!  God is a Person.  God has substance. Sometimes literally referred to as a
cloud!  And, when that cloud is inside you,
oh my, wow!  Scientists are only now
beginning to explore the depth of the unity of the spiritual realm and the
natural.  The question often arises, “are
you talking about the spiritual realm, or the natural realm?”  And, the answer is, “Yes!”  Is God a natural cloud?  Yes!  Also,
the answer could be no, in the fullest sense.
But, the point is, that God has a substance, ultimately revealed in the
literal man, Jesus Christ.  But, also the Gospel of John chapter four reminds us that God is Spirit.  Yes, even God the Father, and God the Holy
Spirit have tangible substance.  Spirit
is just a real as natural realities.  In
fact, the spiritual realm may just be invisible realities that have not yet
been able to be perceived well by human observation, even with our best
technology and scientific instruments.

am not a quantum physicist, or a professional scientist by any means.  But, I have experienced being high on
God.  And, it is quite a literal
experience!  Something is happening to
every part of me, from my spirit to my big toe!
The Gospel of Jesus has become more than just pie in the sky concepts
for someday far away.  I feel like
heaven.  And, I’m convinced that there is
a tangible substance being released in and around me, causing me to be
high.  God includes so much more than
being high, as well, don’t get me wrong.
There is way more to it, than just a shallow body buzz.  God’s substance causes all of God’s life and
virtue to flow through me as well.  But,
as we will explore later in this book, the satisfaction of a person feeling
high is no small thing either.

is something profoundly scientific about it all too though.  What is happening?  Let me give one quick picture that I often
use to help people understand.  If a
whole room was filled with marijuana smoke, anyone who came into that room and
breathed, even just a little bit, they would get high.  No one who breathed in that room would be
able to remain unaffected.  A substance was
released in that room.  That substance
affects everyone, no exceptions.  It
doesn’t depend on their personality or mood.
It doesn’t really depend on anything.
All that is needed is the substance in the air, and the ability to
breathe.  This is very simple
science.  We don’t have to make spiritual
things so complicated to understand.  God
is the substance, and hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ awakens our ability
to breathe.  So much healthier, fuller,
and richer than marijuana smoke is the Glory Presence of God.  That’s some good Shekinah!

I honestly
believe that we were created out of the substance of God.  God’s Spirit is our home.  All physical things originated in Him.  So, experiencing God is like being fully
home.  God the life source is so full and
rich, filled with goodness, exploding with creativity.  God’s Spirit is invisible, just like the
deepest parts of humans.  These two were
created to be one.  The goodness of this
infinite source called God uniting with our deepest parts creates a euphoria
beyond anything else that could be.  For
this was the great goal of human history.
For the two to experience oneness, this was the whole point.  Just like in a marriage, there is intense
bliss around true oneness.
Scientifically speaking, there is something going on here, that likely
with the right tools we could someday observe.
For now, all we can do is to test it out ourselves.  

you recognize heaven all around and within you, namely the very fullness of the
person of God, you can feel this reality!
This is what is happening.
Somehow it starts with hearing the truth. This allows our hearts to open
up to this substance that has always already been there.

is as if God and heaven have always been right here, inside our bodies, and all
over the earth.  But, most people are
closed off to this reality because of hurts, disappointments, or various
reasons.  There could be many reasons for
this.  This is why most people think we
are crazy for being high on God.  It has
not been the experience of most people, so far in human history to live high on

something opens up, or unlocks, within us and/or around us, even physically,
when we become convinced of a different reality.  That could sound like we are just going
crazy.  But, maybe it’s just that we were
crazy before, and now we are coming to see the world rightly.  This is why I brought up quantum physics
earlier.  Scientists are beginning to
discover some things that can confirm what I am saying here.  There have been some studies done that reveal
certain matter behaving differently when being observed.  Perception can even change physical
reality!  Realizing the truth, that
heaven is here and that the Glory of God is all around, even when we don’t see
it with physical eyes, could possibly be connected in this same way.  

are also just learning about other dimensions.
What if heaven was all around us, but we just hadn’t picked up on how to live
in its’ dimension?  I believe that
science will grow closer and closer to confirming something close to this
conclusion. What if there was a whole reality that we could be experiencing,
but because our perception was not right, we were missing it?

I have it right scientifically or not, I am pointing to a reality that I
believe confirms scripturally, theologically, historically, and
experientially.  There is a whole new
world, that is all around us, and within us.
The whole earth is filled with the Glory of God!  (Is. 6:3)
This Glory has been so intense that it physically knocked people down
throughout the ages.  This Glory then surely
can affect us so powerfully.  This is
what is happening when we are getting high.
It is the Glory of God tangibly affecting our beings!  Wooohoooo!

(full book, “High on God”, should be released by the end of the year…)

(btw…this is a rough draft, please don’t comment on grammar, spelling, etc. LOL)

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