• Hillside Fellowship Covenant Community

    Hillside Fellowship Covenant Community

    Started in July of 2005, this community of friends has committed to Jesus and one another to live out the gospel in the Northside neighborhood of Fort Wayne till it explodes with life into all the earth! They are focused on living out 24/7 Christianity in the GLORY, having regular gatherings Tuesdays at 6pm and fellowshipping in life throughout the week.

  • Mystical Monastic Communities

    The Fire Houses – Mystical Monastic Communities

    Launched on Jan. 1st 2010, these new communities are like crack houses for those addicted to GOD!! A more intentional environment of living together for those that have a passion for rich body life. Each house has a house father and/or mother who gives loving direction as these monastics explore the heavens, enjoy the Glory, and rest in Holy Spirit, releasing anointing throughout their city. THE MONASTERIES ARE ON PAUSE UNTIL A NEW LOCATION CAN BE FOUND.

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