Another Book Project – “Finished from the Beginning”

My current book project is still going through editing, and I’m already starting another one! Did a rough, rough outline of the chapters recently…and felt to release them for feedback and to provoke thought! There is so much life in my heart on this material!!! Some of it feels like it has needed to be released for a long time!

Any feedback on this? (constructive only please 🙂 )
Feel free to comment or send me a message…


Introduction (why am I writing?)
Chapter 1 – What is Finished?
Chapter 2 – Always Finished, but not Manifest until 33AD?
Chapter 3 – Huge Importance of the Vicarious or Representative Christ. Understanding Christ as Us.
Chapter 4 – How is this Compassionate, when so many people have experienced Unfinished
Chapter 5 – Zen-ish ness My own journey as an obstacle.
Chapter 6 – What is Salvation or Liberation?
Chapter 7 – Why do some seem to have only information and not manifestation of this Finished Work?
Chapter 8 – Why is there no other name? Why is salvation found in no one else?
Chapter 9 – What do we do with the portions of scripture that seem to contradict the Finished Work?
Chapter 10 – Clearest scriptures indicating that It is Finished, and what that means.
Chapter 11 – What does it mean to be In Christ. The whole new world. The true reality preserved in Him. Our true identity.
Chapter 12 – What freedom from sin really means. What was sin? Can we really never sin again? Understanding the new heart.
Chapter 13 – The Glory of living without doubting our hearts! Waking up every day and experiencing God’s will coursing through me, rather than always having to “seek God.” The tree of knowledge of good and evil. Being absolutely free, not weighing options, yet open to the red flags of Galatians 5 and trusted wise friends.
Chapter 14 – Similarities to other religions/teachings/new age. Differences from all religions.
Chapter 15 – Is anything un-Finished? Living life, enjoyment, sharing with others. Not getting confused into a lazy, bored, pointless existence, etc.


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