Does Jesus still matter today?


Is Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord?

It’s a powerful time to explore the real meaning of Jesus Christ!  Have you come to a real faith in Jesus Christ?  Do you want to?  Is it worth it? Is Jesus truly the only name under heaven by which humanity can be saved?  What is salvation anyways?

I have by no means come to all the answers on this subject!  Hahah, it’s an endless exploration of joy and depth!  Yet, I have had a revelation of Jesus that causes me such delight and ability to love that it would be foolish not to share! I have even put this revelation under a bit of a magnifying glass in recent months and years, to see what about it feels so important.  And, this is wise, because most folks around the world seem to base their every day life on conclusions simply made by family, friends, or others.  

Here are some recent thoughts I’ve had about Jesus Christ:

Been tired on the treadmill of religion…

In recent years we’ve been in a reformation…

Been exploring our divinity and humanity…

Rejected the harmful idea of penal substitutionary atonement…

Became a better listener to people whose views differ…

Pushed my boundaries out into new thoughts…

Yet considered, “Is Jesus just an old fashioned thought?”

Is that verse correct that salvation is found in no one else?

Recognizing that it’s not about language, but about knowing Jesus the person…

Here’s what I am really seeing fruit on regarding Jesus Christ, the God-man, as Savior and Lord:

– Jesus came as the clearest expression of Love the world had ever seen.  And I think that now people forget about how Jesus started a world wide awakening because that kind of love is now at least talked about more, and the planet has a better sense of this love.  Yet, Jesus started that awareness.  I think that those who are minimizing Jesus are forgetting that no other person had ever displayed this kind of love to the planet.  

– Our conscience needed to see the blood shed.  We were the ones who felt so upset, and needed to see our sin punished.  Without blood there is no forgiveness of sins.  Only because we had become so confused.  I think that, to this day, each person needs to hear about the cross of Jesus in order to truly have a deep certainty that God will still be on their side, even at their worst.  Jesus’ blood shed allows each person to trust that God will always love them, and that they are still considered worthy.

– The full revelation of both God’s and our identity has never been brought to light as through Jesus.  Jesus enlightened the world to what God was truly like, and what humanity is truly like.  Without looking to Jesus, not as an example for us, but an example of us, I think each one of us will settle for a lesser identity without seeing Jesus Christ.  Jesus took our old ego, the false self, to the grave with him, and as He rose we see our true identity.

– Also, we were created to live possessed by a Spirit.  Jesus the person ministers to us in such a way that we open up to a union with the Holy Spirit of God inside of us.  This is where Jesus saves us fully and becomes a loving Lord of our lives.  And, this is not a controlling Lordship, but a loving dance with our Maker who knows how to lead us, but not manipulate us!

– By these things humanity is given an effortless salvation to live the most full life imaginable!  No other voice, idea, person, or philosophy has offered this. Though it seems that other teachers, philosophies, and people have kind of adopted this in part, in certain places, and so they seem to offer a similar package, yet their package is not in full.  

– Honestly, there is even more that Jesus is, does, and has done!  So much more that is powerful and unique.  To think that we have explored all of the implications of the life, death, resurrection, and ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ is to underestimate something of utmost importance.  I am merely listing some that I am currently meditating on and consciously seeing fruit from today.

Further thoughts…

Many of us have been hurt by Christianity.  Many of us have suffered the consequences of wrong ideas about Jesus.  The name of Jesus has caused countless wrongs and hurts throughout the ages due to mis-use.  I am profoundly saddened by this.  Yet, is this the fault of Jesus?  Is this the fault of the scriptures?  I see too much love and Glory on the real Jesus to need to add or take away from the beautiful Truth of Who He Is!  I don’t see some new form of Jesus philosophy that we need to focus on, simply a re-focus on the original Truth.

We need some serious reformation and redefinition in the Christian world, in the Western world, in the spiritual world, in the whole world!  But, to move on from the historic faith in a real Jesus Christ seems to me like forgetting the Rock from which we were hewn!

Be encouraged today that you can look afresh upon Him, and be empowered to live not in your best attempts at understanding God, not in your best attempts to be an original person, and not in some cookie cutter religious box either.  In Jesus Christ, today, you are preserved as the true you. You are set free to live a life far more abundant than any human has been able to yet comprehend!

And, honestly, if you are seeing more glorious things about Jesus Christ that I have not included here, share them with me, challenge me!  I love it!  I know that we are going to be seeing Him more clearly and powerfully for ages to come!!  Thank You, Holy Spirit!

– Matt

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