Summer High On God Tour


The Glorious Good News of Jesus comes with GREAT JOY!! An inebriating joy! A joy that flows like a river outta your belly!

Matt Spinks is touring the USA & beyond to share this Good News, impart the lasting joy of Jesus, and promote the new book ‘High On God!’ You won’t want to miss this! Share with someone who could use a big dose of the Holy Ghost bliss!

Las Vegas, NV: Sept. 27 –

Los Angeles, CA: Sept. 29 –

Myrtle Beach, SC: Oct. 25-26 –

New York, NY: Oct. 28-29 –

Toronto, On, Canada: Oct. 30 –

Lubbock, TX: Dec. 4-5 –

Albaquerque, NM: Dec. 6-7 –

Mesa, AZ: Dec. 8 –

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