High on God book review

High On God – There’s No High Like The Most High
Matt Spinks
The Fire House Projects Ministries & Publications
9780578457703, $15.99, paperback
9781684541539, $9.99, ebook

High On God – There’s No High Like The Most High is, unabashedly, a celebratory promotion piece for attaining a ‘God high’ through Biblical readings and spiritual reflection. It advocates building lifestyle based on joyful spiritual living and will especially appeal to those who are already religious, but who want to feel and reflect it in a different manner.

As chapters explore the foundations of this reflective process, readers receive a combination of strategies, testimonials and case histories, and “beyond the Christian box” thinking that will enable them to consider alternative methods of expressing and living their beliefs.

Perhaps most tangible of all is the focus on reflecting the Holy Spirit in physical interactions and mental approaches to life. If the magnitude of enthusiasm expressed here sounds akin to a drug ‘high’, be advised that High On God does advocate being part of a community that lives in a ‘continuous altered state’ of spiritual ecstasy.

Not only does Matt Spinks examine the elements of bliss, but, more importantly, he discusses how to translate these elements to daily giving, caring, and serving one another, with love as the foundation of all actions. Enlightenment of this order may sound idealistic, unattainable, or simply unsustainable; but High On God’s purpose isn’t just to express or explore this form of ‘high’. It shows how such a state of mind can be attainable, sustainable, and realistic when applied to daily life challenges.

Spinks pairs his exuberant descriptions and discussions with a down-to-earth attitude about the practical applications of joy. This makes for an enlightening and encouraging book that is grounded in beliefs about God and Jesus, but which takes this belief a step further, into community interactions conducted with a sense of ministry and purpose.

Christians who want to live revised lives will find this exploration of the intersection of faith and community to be joyful, thought-provoking, and challenging reading, all in one (challenging because it encourages a different perspective and approach to living and reflecting one’s beliefs).

No Christian library should be without this celebratory tool.

– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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