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High on God

by Matt Spinks
Matt's new book may be the most comprehensive writing ever on experiencing the God high, from personal stories, to understanding how Jesus releases His inebriating joy effortlessly to the every man, and much much more! "High on God" is fourteen fresh revelatory chapters on the happy Gospel and the drunken Glory of Jesus, as well as Christ in you devotional meditations, all aimed at solidifying your heart in endless heaven on earth bliss!

"Every once in a while we have the privilege of bumping into someone who truly is a game changer. One who boldly goes where few have gone in history. I guess you could say a reformer of sorts. Matt Spinks is one of those people. He and his amazing wife Katie set out to experience over a decade ago a true heaven on earth reality. In this pursuit, living a sustained joy filled existence became the norm. Never once looking back, they proved the theory to be a reality. The book you have in your hands is not only an explanation of a "High on God" lifestyle, but also a living testimony years in the making. I trust you'll be offended, challenged, encouraged and built up by the goodness of the fullness of God that awaits you."
- Steve Freeman
Local Indiana Pastor, Musician, Mentor

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