Kainos Koinonia 2020 – Portland, OR Area

KAINOS KOINONIA 2020 – Portland area, Oregon USA

October 29th – Nov. 1st, 2020  (DATES UPDATED!)

We are so excited to be all together again soon, to revel in Jesus and His New Creation Realities! This year we found a beautiful and amazingly affordable place in the forest just south of Portland, OR USA!

We have had a few of the Kainos events on a single location, and received so much positive feedback that we decided to do it again! The whole event will be held at the Molalla Retreat camp and conference center, including lodging, meals, and all gatherings! The location has access to many acres of natural beauty for adventures and personal quiet times in the great outdoors as well!

Kainos Koinonia is a a yearly gathering of those who are interested in exploring new wineskins of community expression in Jesus, his new creation reality, an inclusive finished work message, and experiencing His supernatural in authentic ecstatic JOY! Not sure what all that means? You’re most welcome to come and find out! All are welcome!

You are also welcome to join our online Facebook group for more Grace & Glory community interactions before, during, and after the yearly event: https://www.facebook.com/groups/372596676525770/ 

The point of these gatherings is to empower local communities to walk in this stuff throughout the year!


Matt Spinks & Jared Gustafson will be sharing Good News & vision, but the goal of the Kainos Koinonia gatherings is to empower each person in community! We engage in free-flow worship and group sharing times, along with genuine connection encouraged between “official meetings!” This isn’t a conference, it’s a family reunion!! There may be additional speaking and Q & A sessions subject to change. Let’s flow in Holy Spirit and mutual listening hearts! There are rumors that we may have a couple of surprise speaking guests as well!


The nearest airport is the Portland International Airport (PDX). For those flying in, it is still a ONE hour drive from the airport, so you may want to rent a vehicle. We will also attempt to help with carpools, if you email us your flight info. At least one of our team vehicles will be attempting a limited shuttle from the PDX airport as well. Please email info@thefirehouseprojects.com in regards to any of these requests!

For those who want to drive to the location, type the following address into Google Maps or similar app or GPS for directions:

36208 South Molalla Forest Road
Molalla, OR 97038

Please show up after 4pm on Thursday, Oct. 29th! Check out is 11am on Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2020.

Cost:  $185 per person

The cost will cover all food, lodging, and event registration! There are also enough beds for everyone at Molalla Retreat! However, most of these are in dorm type settings! There are only a few family type rooms for families and/or couples. Preference will given to families with small children first, then in order of who registers, so register ASAP if you want to reserve a family room!

We will offer a family rate for those with children: Family of
3 – $500
4 – $575
5 or more – $650

(Children under 3 years are free. All fees are non-refundable, unless event gets cancelled.)

Some families and couples will not be able to get their own rooms at the camp. And, tent camping is not allowed this year. Though there are 2-3 spots for RVs, with no hook-ups. RV campers will still have to pay full registration price.

So, you either need to register quickly to reserve a family space (please email us to discuss), or be willing to sleep separately from your spouse, OR book an airbnb or a room at a nearby hotel. (Search close to Molalla, Oregon!)


Attend the weekend without staying at the camp:

$40 per day or $75 for the entire weekend (Per person)

Attend the weekend without staying at the camp AND join in for meals:

$150 for the entire weekend OR it’s $10 per individual meal. (Per person)


Family of 3 – $350, Family of 4 – $425, Family of 5+ – $500


Family of 3 – $200, Family of 4 – $250, Family of 5+ – $300

(Children under 3 years are free. All fees are non-refundable, unless event gets cancelled.)

Meals will attempt to be reasonably healthy, but we cannot make special diet adjustments. If you are on a special diet, please arrange your own food. You will be allowed to use the kitchen facilities, in a limited way, as long as you give plenty of room for the other meal prep and clean up.

Please use the following buttons to pay and reserve your spot for Kainos Koinonia 2020:

Full Registration – Meals, Lodging, & Conference fees

Conference Fees Only – No Meals, No Lodging

Conference Fees & Meals Only – No Lodging

Conference Fees & Lodging Only – No Meals

So apparently to pay for your registration, the links might only want to work when you open them in their own tab on a web browser on a mobile device! LOL! If you can’t get the link to work, you can just send the total amount directly to the following link:

For any questions, and for all messages related to Kainos Koinonia 2020, please email info@thefirehouseprojects.com 

To find online info about our location at the Mollala Retreat, please visit the following links (please DO NOT MESSAGE OUR HOST, we do not want to add any confusion, any questions can be emailed to our email as listed above): https://www.molallaretreat.com


Once you register, you will receive emails with more info and updates as the event approaches!


If you give $185 you can sponsor one person! Give any amount by clicking the DONATE button below, and specify “for Kainos Koinonia sponsorships!”

Session Schedule for Oct. 29- Nov. 1, 2020 :

Thursday evening 7pm

Friday 9am Meditation

10am Session

2pm Session

7pm Session

Saturday 9am Meditation

10am Session

Free Afternoon

7pm Session

Sunday – No Sessions

Check out 11am Sunday