Let’s Walk in the Kainos Supernatural!!

I love the supernatural Glory of Jesus!

It’s been on my heart recently to point us to the joy of it in greater ways, and to remind and stir our hearts towards what we can walk in as normal sons and daughters of God!

I don’t have a whole bunch to say, but I do have some thoughts…and some testimonies… We are just scratching the surface!!

Supernatural healing, miracles, signs and wonders, and all sorts of wonderful mind blowing manifestations ARE a key part of our new creation community life!

 They aren’t meant to be more important than all the other wonderful gifts God gives us, and they certainly don’t replace love or serving the less fortunate! In fact, it is so important to our Abba that we see an integrated Christian life come forth that walks out all the life of Jesus, not just certain parts. We have it all in Him!

I’m reminded today that miracles and signs are not the end all be all! Many people feel like if miracles happen, then we now have “revival” or “awakening.”

But, really awakening to Jesus manifests so much more than just what we usually consider as “miracles!” Yet, still it does manifest supernatural things and miracles!

Each one of us can walk in the wild love of the supernatural! Just like each one of us can forgive supernaturally. Just like each one of us can serve and love and have patience and joy right where we are at!

I believe Jesus right now is releasing awakening to a full, healthy, happy, love drunk supernatural, among a full healthy Body of Christ full of whole families!

Here’s a few thoughts that have been crossing my mind in the Glory…

– Signs & Wonders confirm the Word of Jesus 

– We’ve had some amazing miracles over the years 

– This is normal in the kingdom 

– I’ve really felt called to promote both the Supernatural Glory realm as well as Healthy down to earth Theology of Jesus. We so need, both the experience of the supernatural of Jesus as well as the Message that Jesus proclaims. 

 – Experience confirms the Truth! 

– Truth manifests with experience! 

– My greatest times of the supernatural have happened in community! 

– We are meant to help people very practically and bless others in natural ways, but also in supernatural ways. We can use medicine, but also supernatural healing is real! 

– And, we want to be those who walk in TRUE REVIVAL which is when healthy families live in love! not just a miracle gift, but full heaven on earth experience!!

One thing I’ve seen time and time again where Holy Spirit begins to manifest the supernatural of Jesus is when we share testimonies and just begin to talk about the miracles we’ve seen and begin to expect great things!!

So I want to share a few stories, pics and vids of what we’ve seen in the last few years…


A Glory gemstone


From when manna appeared in our car


Angelic orbs during worship


This man was blind, but now can see!


A Glory gemstone


Close up of a piece of manna


We’ve seen way more angel feathers, but I can’t find many pics.

Video link to a testimony of a little girl we prayed for who was raised from the dead… https://youtu.be/18kycLuz5I4

Video link to the man who was blind but now can see… https://youtu.be/52dYkaRpmcg

What have you seen!?!?! What do you want to see? What are you expecting very soon? Can you pray for someone this week? Without getting into striving, but what are you stepping out in to manifest in the Glory?!!?

I recorded a lot of my favorite testimonies in my forthcoming book, “High on God!” So, I’ll post that chapter here too, because it’s so packed full.

Since this chapter was written, I’ve seen a dead person get raised, a recent friend of our’s mom was healed of cancer, and a heck of a lot of gemstones have manifested…

Let’s encourage each other on toward love and good deeds…and manifestations of Glory!!!

I told many of you during our last Kainos Koinonia gathering that I wanted to share on Sucking from the Supernatural Teat of Jesus, that’s basically what we’re doing today!

Share your stories with the class too!!!

Read the stories below when you have some time, its a whole chapter of them!


(From my forthcoming book ‘High on God’) 

 Chapter 9 – More
High Stories

love stories! We are addicted to hearing the news, watching movies, reading new
novels, etc. One reason is because theoretical talk can be cheap. Seeing
something actually play out in a life makes it much more real, more imaginable.
So, I’m guessing that many readers will be most interested to hear more about
this God high life from some stories! What has it been like? What can it be
like? What have we experienced? Is it practical? Can it be dangerous? Let’s
tell some more stories!  Some of these
are mine directly and others are from friends we know in the whack.

the sake of my blurry memory, just kidding (mostly), I’ll start with stories from
when I first got high, then I’ll move forward from there.

before I even felt the whack of God’s weighty Presence, I had some bliss stories.
I remember this particular story as a great encouragement of how the Glory unites.
We saw a whole group experience genuine child-like innocence and heart felt celebration!
Remember how I told you that my wife began to be intoxicated on God before I
was? Yeah, well, we were at the house of some close friends of ours where we
would gather to play music and pray and fellowship. I remember it was towards
the end of the gathering, and some people had already gone home. We would often
linger on and fellowship into the night, just shooting the breeze. That
particular night though, as we were just hanging out in the kitchen of the
house, something began to happen.

The Glory of God
was obviously spontaneously moving in our midst. One person began laughing, and
others smiling, and then another, and another just seemed overjoyed by God’s
Presence. I wasn’t even really into it, but it seemed so genuine and sweet
spirited, I went along with the group anyways. People began to get up and
dance! Then they began dancing around the room, in a circle. Then we all just
began to run from room to room through the house! We were running and dancing
around the whole house, laughing and smiling like little kids. Even those who had
previously been discouraged began to smile. Then, even the quietest persons
there began to laugh, and dance, all around the house. It would have been so
impossible to try to organize this. It was so silly that most adults would
never have participated! But, that night, it just felt so right, and everyone
was so genuinely overjoyed, just having innocent fun. Again, like I said, I had
never done anything like this before, at least not as an adult! We just danced
and laughed and ran through the house. We ended up laughing and joking about it
later, calling it, ‘happy happy fun time’. “Remember when we had, ‘happy happy
fun time?’”, we’d say for weeks later, kind of almost embarrassed, but not
really. It was such a beautiful and spontaneous night, and even as a “non Glory
drinker” at the time, I joined in and enjoyed it.

The Glory
obviously can work on us at such a level and feel so natural that sometimes
people get high and do things they normally wouldn’t. Usually these are things
that they’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t until that self-consciousness
disappears. It was a beautiful time! Anyone who has ever tried to lead people
in a spontaneous group dance, or a time of celebration, without the use of
drugs and alcohol, could tell you it can be quite the challenge! Getting past
self-consciousness and into a child-like innocent state of mind is very
difficult for most adults! All that to say…I loved ‘happy happy fun time’! I
loved it so much that it got a hold of me! A few months later, both, my wife, Katie,
and I had become supremely intoxicated on God as a regular part of our daily

Katie and I have
also had a fellowship community that we’ve been a part of since 2005. You heard
about our personal transformation away from striving and struggling to get God
to invade our own lives, and into heaven on earth experience. Well, it
definitely affected our church community as well! When we got hammered, at
first we kind of hid it away from even our closest friends in the community. We
would gather only occasionally with a few and secretly to get drunk on God with
those who were ready (It can be really hard to explain to folks at first). Still,
after a while the whack began to take over our whole group. It was a really
special and delicate time. We did lose a few community members, but the
majority remained through the transition! It wasn’t long until love piles and
group child-like euphoria became a normal occurrence in our precious fellowship

we quite often find our whole gathering caught up in the euphoria of the “happy
happy fun time”. It can be pretty unusual for new folks, but many people aren’t
as freaked out as you might expect. I believe everyone wants child-like freedom
and expression. It may be shocking at first, but people can warm up to it fast
when it’s presented by someone they trust. This isn’t to say that we haven’t
had some people be super critical of our style of gathering, and they have
their reasons, I guess. But, overall, I have just sensed that a beautiful,
innocent intimacy has been expressed in these times. The depth of community
seems so strengthened, despite the number of folks that have been freaked out
in one way or another.

Some of us have
felt so close together that we have moved in together, sharing lives on a daily
basis, and sometimes even getting Glory drunk together daily! I know that this
can sound totally foreign to the ears of someone who hasn’t experienced it. We
are not a hippy sex cult, or a group of new age communists. We’re not talking
about that at all (You might be surprised at the accusations we’ve had)! The
genuine community that has formed has honestly been such a way to get past
formalities, a way to live with vibrant emotions, a way of letting walls down. It’s
definitely been healing and consciousness expanding for me! Now it just seems
like normal for a heavenly life! It also makes for parties that are way crazier
than you might experience almost anywhere! We’ve gotten so high that you really
don’t give a rip what people are thinking anymore. You just dive on the floor
and start rolling and shaking with all your closest friends! Hahahahhaahhahahah!
I can understand why it seems crazy to so many people at first.

I know I said I
was going to try to share the stories in order, but that last story just got me
so whacked up, I just have to go with the flow, if you know what I mean, LOL! I’m
sure I’m breaking the rules of writing all over the place in this book, oh
Jesus help me!

Anywho, so the
good ol’ drunken Glory is also like the doorway to the supernatural, aka the
mystic realm. Jesus is the doorway to all of God, absolutely, but when you
first experience Jesus, the real person, you get supremely high on the Glory,
and that’s how Jesus enables you to move in the holy supernatural!

So, here’s a
story or two of some supernatural whack happenings. One time we were so whacked
up in northern Georgia, with a few friends of mine who had just come from a
Glory conference. We had been staying in a hotel, but were packing up to leave.
It had been an amazing few days, and we were all pretty high on Jesus Christ. My
good friend, Brad had pulled into the gas station next to the hotel to fill up
before we were about to head out. The rest of our group was still packing up
and grabbing some breakfast from the front lobby. While Brad was pumping his
gas a gentlemen approached and asked him for some money. He mentioned that he was
homeless and strapped for cash. He also seemed a little beat up, with several cuts
on his face. Little did he know who he was approaching and what was about to

Brad told the
man that we would give him money and asked if we could pray for him back at the
hotel. The man agreed and they walked over to the hotel, which was right next
door. Brad gathered our group in one room and we began to pray for the man. The
Presence of God was so strong that it literally knocked the man over, and he
went out like a light. When he came to, like a minute later, he stood up and
began to speak in tongues, a new heavenly prayer language. He was filled with
joy, and said he felt high. We told him it was the Glory of God, a free gift of
Jesus Christ. His face lit up, and he began to tell us that he had planned to
commit suicide that day. Just then, we also noticed that the cuts on his face
had healed. They were nearly gone altogether, a very noticeable difference. The
man told us that he had gotten into a fight in a drug deal the day before but
now his damaged face felt so much better! He said he felt refreshed and ready
to live again. He literally looked like a new man! We gave him some clothes and
money, and dropped him off at a local recovery center on our way back north to
Indiana. Literally, the man was glowing, a life transformed by the whack!

Later that day,
as we were still driving towards Indiana I got struck completely mute. I
honestly was so overcome by the Glory of God that I couldn’t speak, literally
for like 6 hours. We even made a stop at a friend’s house, a friend of one of
the people in our group, a person I had never met. I remember feeling kind of
awkward because I couldn’t introduce myself to these new friends. Thankfully,
they were spiritual people who were gracious enough to not be offended. I just
sat there through the whole interaction at their house, mute as a board. I was
as silent as a kid in the principal’s office, just kidding, but, well, actually
I was totally and absolutely unable to speak. I was in such an ecstasy feeling
the Glory of God rocking my body with pleasure and revelation of the goodness
of life. It is something I will never forget.

There have been
a number of wild cases of friends I have known who were so whacked in the Glory
that they have literally needed to be carried from place to place, completely
immobilized. Some friends have needed wheelchairs in order to get around. One
guy had a doctor verify that he was experiencing “ligature”, and gave him a
doctor’s note in case the inebriation came on too strong while in airports, or
in public places. This way medical staff would know what was going on, and he
could receive help if needed. No, literally, it has gotten that intense! I have
one friend who regularly splits his pants from vibrating on the floor from the
Glory. There is another friend who has a handicap helmet he wears on occasion
when he knows he’s going to get so drunk that he may fall at any time.

I just have to
include the story of our good friend who was taken away in an ambulance from
one of the Glory conferences. What!??! Yeah, well apparently this friend of
ours was so inebriated during a Gospel preaching session, that he excused
himself from the meeting, so as to not become a major distraction. The meeting
was being held in a larger conference type facility. As our friend went into the
hallway the Presence of God only increased. He wandered down the hallway, and
ended up in another room, which also happened to be a Jesus related gathering. Our
friend was known to no one there, and he became even louder and more boisterous
than in the previous meeting room where had started. He then somehow ended up
at the front of the room hugging the person who was speaking at the meeting. This
was an obvious disruption, and our friend was removed from the room and the
conference center altogether. Someone had even called the police, who
approached our friend, and became convinced that he was on drugs. They had him
placed in an ambulance where he began to sing songs to all of the medical staff
and police involved. He began to sings songs of God’s love, and if I remember
correctly, he was singing old hymns too. The staff actually seemed to like it,
and had some fun driving him all the way to the hospital. He was given medicine
that is supposed to sober up a drugged out person, but it didn’t work on him! Surprise,
surprise! Eventually he was told that he was not being held in the hospital,
and he checked himself out, end of story. Now, my point there is not to say
that this is the goal, or even what should or shouldn’t have happened in this
situation. I’ve gotten to a place where I’d much rather promote not disturbing
the peace most of the time, and respecting the environments where you are a
guest. Still, I do want people to know how high you can get on God. You can
literally get so high on the Glory that people want to haul you off in a paddy
wagon! My point is that this is no mere, “Oh I’m sure feeling high on Jesus,
brother” high. It’s not the little goosebumps you feel when you hear an
inspirational song. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, this is not that. To
quote the words of another dear friend, “Being high on God makes LSD look like
decaf coffee!”

We’ve had crazy
stuff happen in the whack. I was once driving with a friend to minister at a
Glory meeting in Indianapolis, and our car literally moved from one place to
another supernaturally. We were over an hour late to the meeting, travelling
from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis. We had lost track of time, and were really
quite hammered on God. We figured that we might as well try to get to the meeting
anyway. We’d just be late. We put on some Rodney Howard Browne music in the van
as we travelled. The Glory was quite tangible. All of a sudden I noticed that
we were near Anderson, Indiana, but we had never passed the exits for Muncie. Also,
all of a sudden our GPS time was set to arrive right on time! We didn’t see
anything like a Star Trek special effect or anything, we were just all of a
sudden aware that we were way farther down the road than we’d expected, and on
time. Needless to say we had a powerful meeting that night, and saw some lives
genuinely touched by God. We’ve had a number of friends move from city to city
supernaturally in the whack. Phillip did it in the book of Acts, by the way,
but that’s another story.

One time after another
drunken Glory meeting one of our friends approached me showing me her hands. She
was asking me about two bleeding spots that had appeared. Now, this one freaks
a lot of people out, but it’s true. Again, I only share it to make people aware
of how wild this whack is! My friend was experiencing the stigmata. No, she
wasn’t experiencing the 1999 film by Rupert Wainwright. She had literal wounds
appearing on her hands. This has happened several times throughout history,
usually by Catholics. You can look it up on Google. It’s called the stigmata. The
stigmata are the wounds of Christ appearing on various parts of a person’s body
as a visible reminder of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. It was reported
as having happened to St. Francis of Assisi as well.

I also know of
at least three friends who have even began to physically float up off of the
ground in ecstasy. Usually while they were worshipping Jesus in a passionate
way, the joy of the Lord would hit them so strong, and they would lift off. I
have never seen this one with my own eyes, but I trust the testimony of these
credible friends. Talk about being on cloud nine! Such overwhelming bliss can
occur! Our friends have floated!

Now, in case you
think that this ecstatic joy is being portrayed as just a freak show, let me
tell you some of the deeper relational stories. There is so much more I have
experienced beyond just supernatural travel or stiggies (a fun little nickname
for stigmata).

My wife, Katie
and I experience such an amazing freedom in our marriage because of the whack! Yes,
it actually is a blessing to family life! Any real spirituality must be a
blessing to the family! It truly has encouraged us so much in openness and
forgiveness. We literally almost never fight, ever. And, if we do, it is so
easy to forgive. This may sound basic, but try talking to a few marriage
counselors! Forgiveness and getting past fighting is usually no easy thing! Hahhahaha!

Because we have
felt so satisfied and blissed out, it’s just been so easy to let things go. The
things that used to bother me so much, as a former perfectionist and legalist,
I am now able to get past. I’m not looking for her to ‘make me happy”. I’m
already happy. So, now that overflows to her! She feels positive energy coming
from me, and I from her. We weren’t big fighters before. Still, now, it’s
pretty hard to get us frustrated over anything at all. And, if there is
something that is worth getting upset over (because circumstances in life
definitely can still be challenging or down right bad), we don’t blame each
other or feel the need to punish one another. The bliss enables us to see one
another with the love-drunk eyes of God! God feels so much genuine pride and
love for each of His kids. Its super healing! We have literally been able to
consistently feel this for each other. That can make for a pretty decent
marriage. Hammered drunk on seeing each other as God sees us!

That reminds me
of a more recent story of miracle love and forgiveness. The bliss can just make
you so forgiving. You can stop being insecure, and dramatic about protecting
yourself or your image! You are just too happy with life to care about petty
stuff! One of our friends recently called me out on a public broadcast as if I
was supporting demons and teaching demonic doctrine! Hahaahha! In some
spiritual circles that would be enough to never talk with that person again. It’s
amazing how much division could be caused by something like that. No credit to
my abilities, I was so jacked up on the love of God that I just laughed when I
heard the broadcast. When I saw my friend next, we had the privilege of
lovingly talking through the whole thing. We easily came to peace. I had a hard
time not seeing him as he is in Christ, and being in love with him. I honestly,
didn’t care that he had publically rebuked me without having talked to me about
the issue in person before. I was too in love! This joy is a deep satisfaction
that comes only from communion with the Presence of the One who created us to
be ravished by Love. The whack works!

Hopefully, by
now you aren’t quite as concerned about the drunkenness of God being merely
some kind of shallow freak show. I promise you, it’s all about love and real
relationship. It bears good fruit. That being said, maybe you’ll allow me to
tell some more stories that are kind of wild and wonderful.

Some other amazing
testimonies come from times when we’ve just been so drunk that we start playing
around with the supernatural. One time when we were travelling in California we
began to supernaturally stick objects to walls. These objects would just stay
on the wall with no explanation. We stuck pennies, then quarters, and even got
spoons and bigger items to stick to the wall without glue or any natural
substance, LOL! We kept doing that for years afterwards! Our house once had
about 50 coins just randomly all over the walls. Our friend even stuck a spoon
to a window once! Weird, stuff, I know, and not that important, maybe. But, it
sure is fun!

That same night
in California when we were sticking coins to the wall, we also grew my friend. Yeah,
we actually just got drunk and commanded his legs to grow. He got taller. He
was tall already, he didn’t even need the miracle, but he grew! God is so fun
that He’ll let us just play with the supernatural in His Glory!

Being drunk in
the Spirit has also revitalized my street evangelism life. Evangelism was
always such work before! I could do it, but I was always either intimidated or
exhausted by it. I rarely saw miracles. Now, I really only do drunken
evangelism. I mean, the drunk guy usually gets the phone number at the bar,
right? Hahahaha, well, sometimes. Anyway, I do have a video or two online
somewhere of some of these buzz evangelism encounters. It’s just fun now. And,
I usually only do it when I feel joy and whack on it. I mean, why share good
news with someone, if they aren’t going to see you feeling good about it??!!?

Several times
during whacked up evangelism I’ve seen legs get healed. I’ve even seen deaf
ears pop open! Miracles on the street that I never had the boldness to pray for
before, I now have confidence to just go for it. It’s amazing what can happen
when you’re buzzing with God’s Glory. You feel empowered with the blind faith
of a drunken stupor, too inebriated to overthink it! This is actually a big
deal for most humans!

We’ve also on
several occasions walked up to folks and asked them if they wanted a free buzz.
In Nepal our team shocked a man so powerfully with the power of God that he
jumped back, and was honestly a bit terrified. Yet, he got to hear the Gospel
and was smiling and receptive in the end.

This happened in
a local bar one night as well. I was just hanging out with some friends,
listening to a great band. A lonely looking guy walked up to our table and
began talking with us. He shared that he had deep anxiety and it was giving him
a lot of trouble sleeping. I told him that we were healers and that this was
perfect timing. He was open to us but must not have thought anything would
actually happen. We prayed for him, and he said he felt the anxiety leave. Then,
I asked him if he wanted to get high on God. He kind of seemed weirded out. Then,
I asked him to stick his hands out. He did for just a second, and felt
something go through his body. He jumped back, kind of stunned. He was like,
“What kind of healers are you people?” We talked to him about Jesus and got to
share the good news! Honestly, I’ve seen that kind of thing more times than I
can remember.

One of my
favorite stories of whack evangelism I just heard recently from a friend in
Texas. He and his friends put together a God rave. It wasn’t meant to be a
religious event, they were just going to play electronic music with a few
decent DJs. They were going to get people high on God if people wanted it. The
flier they were handing out made it clear that, “No drugs will be necessary.” I
love that! So my friend was there, dressed as a giant banana. He was having the
time of his life. Then some young people came up to him and said, “Hey, man, do
you have any party favors?” He told them, “Yeah, I’ve got lots of party favors!
Come over to the side room and I’ll give you some.” They were looking for
drugs, but instead he put his juicy hands on them and they were instantly high.
They weren’t interested in Jesus at that time, but they will never think of
Jesus the same way! Those young people experienced a high that they will never

That reminds me
of another story! My wife, Katie, and I love jam bands and electronic music as
well. So, we try to go at least once or twice a year to a music festival. Well,
last year we were at a festival, seeing one of our favorite bands, a band that
has very spiritual music in general. The experience was really amazing, and we
felt the Glory of God exploding all over our blanket at this outdoor venue. At
the edge of our blanket a girl we’d never met just began to cry tears of joy. My
wife went over to her and they just laughed and cried and stared into each
other’s eyes for like an hour or so! It was wild. The girl was experiencing the
Glory of God and didn’t even know what it was. My wife got to share with her
the Gospel. Then she gave Katie a little context to what was happening to them
both. The girl explained to Katie how she had just the day before almost gotten
arrested for possession of the street drug ecstasy, but the police officer had
let her go for no reason. That day the girl realized she never needed to use
drugs again, because she knew how to get high on God! Her life was changed

evangelism and all kinds of ministry become absolutely effortless in the Glory
of God. Honestly, all of life can become that easy! We were made to be
possessed and carried by the Presence of God, even greater than the Garden of
Eden! I have seen so much more happen in the last few years since being
whacked, way more than I ever could have planned. God loves to keep us as
dependent passive instruments, taking us along for the ride of Glory, letting
us do stuff just for fun!

One time in
California, we were spending a week in a hotel in Redding, on a Glory pilgrimage.
My buddies and I were pretty wasted on Jesus Christ every day that we were
there. One night a man knocked on our hotel door, and asked if we were the ones
partying so loud the previous night. He also asked if we had knocked on his
door the night before. Apparently, someone had knocked on his door and told him
if he wanted some good drugs to go to our room. The thing was, no one we knew
of had knocked on any doors! Plus, we had not been in our room the night before
until very late, and went right to bed when we arrived. There was no way that
he could have heard anything from us! Still, there he was knocking on our door
asking for drugs.

We invited him
in and chatted it up for a little while. We talked about life and made some
casual conversation. Every now and then he would hint that he was ready for
some good marijuana or really probably almost any other kind of drug. Eventually
we were like, dude, “We are high on Jesus Christ!” Then, my friend just began
to pray for him, and he got really high! He was so excited that after another
hour or so of drinking Glory with us, he ran out of the room thanking us and
saying, “You guys make me want to wake up in the morning and live!” Again, in
that story, we did nothing at all, literally. The man somehow came right into
our room, as if sent by God Himself! The realm of Glory is effortless. This
realm is everywhere. You never have to work for God again!

More recently
our team was ministering in Austin, Texas and we saw another effortless drunken
evangelistic exploit! There are so many stories, I am sure I’m forgetting some
of them. Glory to God! But, yeah, the team was just going to get some food at a
local restaurant, when they stepped out of the van. The first guy near the van
when they got out was asking for some money. He seemed to be pretty down and
out. They told him that they had some good news for him! They told him that God
had caused their paths to cross that day. And, after sharing the Gospel with
him, they prayed for him. He got hammered drunk, fell to the ground, and got up
speaking in tongues! The dude’s entire countenance changed. Similar to the guy
we met in Georgia, this man also told them that he was contemplating suicide
that day. His wife had left him, and he was asking God for a sign if he was
supposed to live. Needless to say, he got his sign! The dude’s life was
impacted forever, and all our team was doing was going for some food! Reminded
me of the Bible in Acts chapter two, where it said that God was adding to the
number daily of those who were being saved!

I’ve had some
real drunken fun in the nation of Nepal as well over the years. Nepal is the
highest nation on earth, geographically. Seven of the world’s ten highest
mountains are in Nepal. I’ve done mission trips to Nepal since way before I
realized heaven’s intoxication of earth. In that nation, though, the last few
years, I’ve had some glorious times taking intoxicated teams to love on orphans
and pray for the sick. We’ve also done large healing meetings, preaching the
good news of Jesus Christ to thousands of people. In the first joy crusade we
did, there were several thousand folks present. The effortless ministry sure
was flowing that day! We saw a blind man begin to fully see, a couple of
paralyzed people begin to walk, and so many other miraculous healings happened that
we couldn’t even keep track of them all! The amazing thing was, we only
preached for like thirty minutes, and prayed for the sick for about five
minutes! Then all those testimonies came flying in! At that meeting the whack
was so strong there was even a man brought to us in an ambulance, but before we
could pray the ambulance drove away. The man had gotten healed as we did our
thirty minute preach. We never even cracked the ambulance doors to see the man
or his condition. The local people told us later that the hospital had turned
him away saying he was beyond medical help. They brought him to the meeting as
a last resort, in need of a miracle. Apparently God did it! They drove away
before we could even pray. That was easy! Thank you Jesus for your love!!

Now, since we’re
talking about Nepal, let’s tell a few stories about generosity in the whack! We’ve
seen so many generous people help us to minister in Nepal, it’s been amazing. But,
did you know that I even sold my family car to give the money to help the poor
of Nepal. Now, do I share that to impress you with me? No, I couldn’t care
less, honestly. I do want you to know how drunk you can be to not even care if
you have a car, you’d rather give your money to help others. Now, believe me, I
have no problem with keeping money for myself and my family as well. However,
in this intoxication there is just a generosity that comes over you. It’s what
a friend of ours calls ‘kamikaze giving’! Hahahhahah! You just get an awareness
of your royal heavenly wealth, and you give! We sold our only family van to go
to Nepal last time, who cares!? It was totally worth it! It’s so drunk to give!
Our small ministry has managed to come up with tens of thousands of dollars for
the people of Nepal!

Now I’ve been
empowered to give all the more so because I’ve been on the receiving end of
what I like to call ‘drunk money’ myself. Once I was just riding in the car to
go to the bank with a friend, and we were talking about drunk money. We were talking
about how much we loved the concept. We were laughing all the way to the bank. It
didn’t even cross my mind that I was about to walk into a literal bank. Sure
enough, as I made my deposit that day, there was $800 that had mysteriously
appeared in my account out of nowhere. I literally to this day do not know
where that money came from. As I got back into the car I told my friend what
had happened, and as a Glory drinker himself, he was not surprised! We’d both
seen God create wealth that way many times before. I’ve had people give me
cars, multiple times. These cars weren’t junkers either! I had an almost brand
new Kia Rondo given to me one time. I picked it up at the dealership, totally
free! Thanks be to God, and the person who was so generous to our lives and

Now my absolute
favorite drunken money story came to me while I was in the state of Wisconsin. We
were at a Glory conference, and a lot happened, oh my Jesus! I’ll start with
the drunk money story! Well, the Glory had been so thick and juicy at these
gatherings, we were absolutely enamored at the beauty of Jesus Christ. A group
of my four friends were in the front row, hammered drunk, and the Spirit was
manifesting in many various ways, which I’ll talk about later.

As the Spirit
was manifesting, I had fallen face down at the front of the meeting room. I was
whacked out, in a deep trance, just enjoying the Presence so much. All of a
sudden a lady was tapping me on the shoulder, though I didn’t even look up to
see her. I was too whacked. She asked if she could pray for me. I told her to
go ahead, whatever she wanted. I was too jacked up to pay much attention. As
she finished praying for me, she told us that she was supposed to give into my
ministry. We had never met before.

So she then asked
me what my ministry was. I began to tell her the things in my heart, one of
which was a coffee shop. She stopped and looked very interested. Her and her
husband then said they were going to pray and come back to the next meeting to
let us know something. By the time the next meeting had rolled around this
couple had come to a conclusion. They approached me and explained that they had
just closed a coffee shop. They felt led to give me all their old equipment. Now,
I thought that this would be maybe a couple of old coffee makers, or a fridge
or something. I had no idea what they meant by ‘old equipment’. As it ended up,
they had, stored in a warehouse, over $100,000 worth of equipment! They had the
best espresso machine I had ever seen! They had fridges, an ice machine, a bakery
case, a big freezer, and literally everything you would need to run an upscale
coffee shop. The equipment was only two years old! Drunk money cometh! I’ve
seen money supernaturally appear out of nowhere, dollar bills literally appearing
in people’s pockets. However, that last story is more than just a few dollar

So, back to wild
drunken manifestations, at that same conference while I was drunk on the floor,
doing absolutely nothing, more stuff happened! A woman was preaching from the
front about signs, wonders, and miracles. It was a great meeting. Many people
were being touched, healed, and transformed! Now, before the previous lady came
up to pray for me and give me the coffee shop equipment, about an hour before
that, a wave of Glory hit me. The woman from the front who was preaching said that
she was releasing some angels. And, she truly did! The angels smacked me with
something! In fact, all four of us who had come together began to get gold dust
appearing all over our hands.

I had heard of
this before, and wasn’t quite as shocked, but two of our friends were really
quite surprised by this. One of them began to cry because the gold dust was so
real and undeniable, and she had never seen a miracle like this. My other friend
ran to the bathroom and kept washing his hands off, but the gold would just
re-appear! From that day and for the next several months I had gold dust on my
hands every day. Sometimes it was very small, but it would always come. Also, for
a period of like three months, anyone I prayed for would get it. I mean

We gave it to
almost everyone we knew. Anyone with whom we were drunk enough to overcome the
weirdness of it all, we went ahead and showed them! We even gave it to random people
on the street! It was crazy, a really wild time! We were hammered drunk. It was
during this time that I had the boldness to really introduce the whack to our home
neighborhood fellowship community. The physical demonstrations were supremely

We began getting
people together anytime, anywhere to introduce them to this wonderworking,
pleasure giving, supremely satisfying Jesus! From this point on we had jewels
show up around us supernaturally, diamond rings, feathers coming out of
nowhere, I even had tiny emeralds and diamonds appear out of my hands once. It
still happens at the most unpredictable times. Sometime in the middle of the
night at our community house, which we called ‘the monastery’, we’ve had
pillars of golden cloud appear. If you touched the pillar you just felt more
whole! Waves of gold dust, usually very light and small will pass over people
as they are around us sometimes. These gold and jewels speak to our hearts of
the extravagance of God and how we are his special treasure, a royal people.

I mentioned some
angels earlier. In the drunken state, we are truly aware and receptive to the
invisible world. This is the world where angels normally interact. So, when I’m
drunk on God, which is pretty much a permanent state, I see angels. It’s not
usually with the physical eye. However, sometimes the state is as such where
the invisible becomes visible. Four faced angels have appeared, orbs, tracers,
small fairy looking lights, flashes of light, and other angelic phenomenon have

These angels have
been sent to minister to us, the children of God. They basically work for God
by serving us. Many times they encourage us just by letting us know that they
are there. Other times the angels are carrying a revelation, or an anointing
for wealth, or some other sort of empowering or encouraging gift. The Bible
calls God, “the Lord of hosts.” Hosts here means “groups of angels.” In the
drunken state we are way more aware of angels! I normally see an orb or two
every day around somewhere doing something. I’ve often tested to see if they
are just a reflection or coming from somewhere, but I can usually tell when
they remain stationary as my head moves, or they move when my head is not
moving. They aren’t usually perfectly easy to see, but I see them enough, and
notice that things happen when they are around.

Just a couple
more stories here and we’ll wind down our story portion of the book (for the
most part). Let’s talk about how being drunk has opened me up to hearing
clearer in the Spirit. There’s such an openness that has come at times, when
I’m whacked. Sometimes I’ve even received people’s names before they’ve told
me. One time I was at the mall, and I heard this young man’s name from the Holy
Spirit. I had never met him before, and he was moving by me pretty fast. He
actually was almost running past me. I had to chase him halfway through the
mall before I caught up to him. I told him what his name was and that God had
sent me that day to encourage him that God knows his name. He was absolutely
stunned. While I had no proof to him that I hadn’t just stalked him a bit, it sure
looked like God had ministered to his heart. He seemed to really be touched by
God. I’ve gotten people’s names like that on a few other occasions. Just being
whacked, I would hear them inside me somewhere. I’d go up to the person and
talk to them, and it would be their name. It’s been wild.

Honestly, the
weird and wild stuff that has happened in the intoxicating Presence of God has
been so absolutely amazing. One time a friend of ours had milk and honey start
appearing in his beard out of thin air. Literally it was white milk, and
fragrant honey. It could have been nothing else. The beard was totally clean
just seconds before. Another girl had honey fragrance coming out of her hands. I’ve
smelled supernatural honey, and other wonderful smells in the Glory on many
occasions! It’s encouraging! Still, like I mentioned earlier, there’s been
nothing like the love and genuine fruit of the Spirit that it has produced! I
honestly feel like so much more of a patient and compassionate person when I’m
wasted on Jesus. It’s amazing! All I can say is that this intoxication has been
wonderful. It has been supremely fruitful. I’m sure I’ve even forgotten as many
stories as I’ve recounted. I love being high on God’s Glory! It is wonderful! It
is wonderful! IT IS WONDERFUL!


– Matt Spinks

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