Marriage bliss & true church!

Hey friends and blog readerzzz!!

Been thinking a lot about marriage and real friendships this year.  It’s coming into the tenth year that my beloved, Katie, and I have been together!  It’s been a beautiful ten years.  Best years of my life so far!  I love this woman!

I want to say, though, how I have been concerned for the health of so many marriages and couples I meet.  Jesus takes care of us so well!  And, being immersed in God will always bring health and life to your marriage!  But, it can also be so challenging, especially because of the culture of the day, or the hurts of our past, or just misunderstandings regarding the nature of true love!

I just want to say, hey friends, let’s keep attention to growing and being attentive to our marriages!  Let’s be looking for greater and greater ways to spread the Glory of long term love through the bliss of our marriages!

I so love that our community, Hillside Fellowship, has been intentionally pursuing greater focus on our marriages.  We currently have a men’s group, and women’s group that are loosely using the book, “Keep Your Love On” by Danny Silk.  The groups are intentionally encouraging each other to stay passionately in love with our spouses, or future spouses.  We are encouraging a lifetime of love!

I want to say that this kind of community connection and vulnerability are pretty much indispensable!  Just having people around you that you honestly chat with about your marriage can be such a big help!  

Guys, I’ve seen several Gospel Glory marriages fail in the last few years.  I’m still hopeful for many of them!  And, I don’t say that to scare you.  But, I feel like one of the keys to keeping true love on in a marriage is being intimate and vulnerable with some friends and family to encourage and pray for one another.  I really feel that simply keeping attention on our marriages, with close friends around us, can help so much.

It also may help for you to ask yourself about why marriage is important.  Did you know that marriage was created to display what true love is?  Unconditional love!  Did you know that marriage protects our hearts from becoming more and more shattered by one night stands and the subconscious scarring of non-committed love?  There is so much value to marriage!  So much bliss on long term love!  It is a healthy thing!  It releases a bliss that can only be understood when you truly, truly KNOW another person through long term exploration of that person in extreme vulnerability and nakedness.

Friends, let’s continue to remind one another of the Glory of staying fresh and vibrant with our spouses!  And, let’s help those who have been crushed by failures in marriage or long term commitment struggles.  It is so worth it! There is so much precious and whole here!  Long term ecstatic passion is so heavenly!

I am having so much fun with my wife!  We have had our struggles, oh man, have we!  But, we are in love!  And, I know that remaining in vulnerability with friends and my “church” have helped that so much.  There is so much more that could be written here…maybe one of you will write a book about it!!  Maybe I will!  Idk!  But, I just wanted to write a few thoughts today to say, give attention to falling deeper and deeper in love with your spouse!  And, connect with some long term friends around you who will regularly encourage you in this too!  Don’t take for granted this amazing gift of LOVE!!!

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