A Gospel Manifesto


Wanted to write a short manifesto of Good News for those that receive from our lives and ministry. This is not a book, nor will it be long and complicated. I want to write a few things that should be easy for anyone to pick up on and ENJOY!

I love the Gospel!

The good news of Jesus Christ!
It is the power of God unto salvation!
It is a Gospel that may be different than what you heard all your life…
I want to write simply about this incredibly powerful message that can shake and rock your world, change everything. My awakening and revelation on this truth is growing and changing, evolving, so I fully expect to see this updated and clarified in future days.

What is this “Gospel”?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached by Jesus himself everywhere He went.
It is simply this, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Mark 1:15, Matt. 4:17)
That is the simple Gospel. That little phrase is so packed with mind blowing life and love!
Simply put, it means that everything that we had once thought was reserved for “heaven” is actually here NOW.

What do I love about this Gospel?

The implications of this simple message as I have meditated upon it are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! They are way too good for most people to believe, but Jesus preached no other message.
Everything that Jesus is and has, we are and have!
This means that the good life is ours. The God life is ours!
Humanity has had a problem. We lost sight of reality. We have known incredible pain, and terrible destruction.
Jesus Christ came and entered right into that with us.
“God became a man…so that…man might become God.” St. Athanasius said that.
In fact, God always was in, with, and as you, for you. Jesus came as the Light that revealed that to humanity.
You have never had a moment that God was not right there with you, knowing your experience with you.
But, then Jesus lifts us out of just “our” experiences. Jesus allows us to see and experience God’s life too.
“Our Father, who art in heaven…” Heaven is already open.
We do not need to open heaven. We do not need to climb into heaven, or go to heaven.
The Gospel is that heaven is here. We do need to be awakened to that reality.
But, the Holy Spirit’s primary job is to reveal Jesus Christ, so that we may awaken.
The awakening is God’s job too, not ours. Holy Spirit is moving in, with, and as us at all times to awaken us.
To the reality that heaven is here.
So, yes! I love that heaven is on earth!
Whatever you thought was reserved for heaven, you can live in now!
There are no more sinners. You never have to sin again.
There is no more death. You never have to die again.
There is no more sickness. You never have to get sick again.
There is no more poverty. You never have to be in lack.
We have total victory and freedom in the spiritual realm, without effort.
Love prevails in all things.
We have a perfect relationship with God! There can never be a hinderance!
We have all the fruits and gifts of the Spirit within us, flowing freely!
We are perfect, lacking nothing. And, even the whole cosmos has been restored!
All of this is unchanging, as it is preserved, in Christ.
We can have so many adventures in heaven on earth, without the fear of losing this!!

What this Gospel has done for me personally?

Oh my God, my life has been so changed, honestly.
I am able to live without hurting others through sin. I feel so enabled to love.
My heart feels so tender, I can feel the heart of Jesus every day in me.
I feel God’s Presence so much I get hammered drunk off of the thick tangible experience of God’s Glory every day. There is no hindrance in experiencing God, really, like, ever!!
This ravishes me with so much pleasure that I have no desire to satisfy myself with lesser pleasures. I feel fulfilled in my heart every day, really. This changes everything. I don’t feel lack, or like I am missing out anymore. I feel complete, no matter what.
I feel complete and able to love freely. Amazing! I am confident to know that I would do anything for my wife, kids, friends, and family. Real love flowing from my heart, not out of duty, but I love to love.
I see healing miracles and power encounters of the supernatural.
And, I honestly see heavenly visions and angels very regularly.
And, I actually see the miracle that life is in the every day “mundane’. I’m motivated to be in and blessing the world daily, even very practically.
I could go on and on…

Addressing Mis-conceptions with this Gospel

I am saying that heaven is already here!
But, yes, not everyone is awake to that yet.
So, yes, there are problems in life. People are still hurting each other, and wars are real.
But, Jesus revealed and empowered us to awaken and end this cycle, effortlessly.
By effortlessly, I mean through the overflow of our hearts to reveal heaven everywhere we are on earth.
When one awakens to the Gospel these problems fade and become background to a foreground of Glory!
Jesus reveals a God that is not mad at us, and not trying to get us to fix a world that he created.
God has taken full responsibility for the world, even the mess we have made, and has come to show us a better way.
This way is here and now. The world will continue to experience more and more heaven on earth as we awaken.
Many religious people have not seen the Gospel clearly yet. I love them so much, and do not want to argue.
But, Jesus’ message was clear. Heaven is on earth now!
This does not mean we don’t engage to better the world practically.
But, we can do it now with heaven’s full backing and favor. Not to attain heaven, but as an overflow of heaven!
Might sound like a petty debate, but its a big deal.
You have all of God now, and so does everyone. You have no lack at all.
But, we have not allowed heaven’s resource to flow sometimes, so there are problems.
Let’s not try to become the world’s Saviors once again. Let’s recognize the God life and flow with that.
The Gospel allows us to experience and live in heaven ourselves first. To enjoy and have a full life, absolutely scandelously rich and full, firstly in our own lives! It’s ok to enjoy heaven on earth for yourself first. Be intoxicated by it!!
Then to move by true inspiration to awaken others as we are carried along by God to do it, not in our own independent efforts.
Someone who has truly seen the real Gospel for themselves will not abuse this trust, but will be carried along to love and serve, like Christ, as Christ, for in this is the greatest pleasure! We are filled with heaven, and manifest heaven as we realize this. And, Holy Spirit’s job is to remind us of this identity.

What I really really want to see happen in my life and friends in this Gospel

I love living in literal heaven on earth! It’s ridiculously good!
And, this motivates me, because I am now ravenous to see it happen everywhere, all over!
I want to see communities in every region, everywhere, able to experience this jacked up amazing life.
I see long term love relationships happening all over the world.
I want to see the power of God in the normal everyday life of everyone everywhere.
I see music in heaven.
I see art in heaven.
I see families in heaven.
I see buildings and businesses in heaven.
I love it all.
My heart is to form heavenly eco life villages in harmony with others, my friends my family.
Artists ans musicians that travel and love, but are rooted deeply.
I want to travel with friends, in jets and vw buses. Tour and spread the awareness of heaven. Care for orphans, feed hungry bellies!
There are a million dreams in my heart, all to see pure color and child-like life spring up naturally supernatural and spontaneous.
I want to see excellence and creative power. Miracles everywhere. Cancer eradicated. People living forever. Unending love from the heart.
All this and so much more is wrapped up in what Jesus came for. The original dream of our heavenly family lived out.
Let’s live it!!
Love drunk lives of heaven on earth forever. Amen.

– Matt Spinks