On this Fathers’ day…

Something has been coming to mind, for days now, really…

But, on this father’s day, I’m wanting to walk in the nature of

True wisdom sees all sides of a matter.
True wisdom transcends the biases of it’s own culture.
True wisdom stands up for the downtrodden.
True wisdom works to heal the criminal and the abuser.
True wisdom cares more for the truth than defending itself.
True wisdom forgives.
True wisdom protects.
True wisdom Loves.

One of the things that keeps resonating in my heart is the desire to be honest, fair, forgiving, and loving to everyone involved in the current controversial issues in this country.

I want to do better. Will you join me?

It’s stunning to me, how many times I can tell which biased news media source that someone has been listening to within the first few minutes of conversing with them.

It’s amazing to me how almost all white conservatives will quote the same quotes, or almost all liberals will say the same tired phrases as so many other liberals.

I have been challenging white conservatives lately.

I could just as easily challenge the liberals, challenge the BLM protesters, challenge the police officers, challenge myself!

Many Trump supporters have glaring blind spots.
The Bernie Sanders supporters do too!
The Joe Biden supporters do too!

And, I don’t just mean this in some general way.

Most of the popular groups of the day have MASSIVE problems with their message and methods!

We need to avoid “group think.”

We need to not be afraid to break the mold of whatever group we do end up aligning with the most.

We need to be big enough to admit that we are probably not seeing the whole picture.

To be truly specific right now, I have been starting to speak out in support of the African American communities who have been harmed and harassed by police officers. I am tired of police brutality and excessive force used on people in this country, especially people of color!

This does not mean that I am not also aware of how much so many police officers sacrifice in this country!

I have researched and listened to stories of what police officers often go through! They should be paid more!

That being said, I have actually looked into some of the plans for "defund the police.”

There are some really decent proposals out there that I think many honest & wise people would support, if they took the time to actually research them.


I’m also deeply concerned about black on black crime.

I’m also deeply concerned that society MUST NOT push on any minority group a victim mentality! We cannot make it seem like black people can’t succeed in this country, or that it’s always someone else’s fault.

And, we must not justify or glorify ANYONE’S use of violence or hatred.

I see issue’s with many different sides.

The issues of our day are MASSIVELY VARIED AND MULTI-FACETED! They require wisdom!

They require true fathers!

We all need Jesus!
The One who revealed the Father!
We need to come in meekness and humility to approach the truly complex issues of our day like king Solomon of old; slowly, patiently, with wisdom, considering all parties…

I am going to be saying a lot more about some of the important issues of our day, and getting more involved. Not out of a lack of things going on in my life, or out of boredom, or a desire to be right, or with any axe to grind… but because JUSTICE, LOVE, UNITY, and PEACEMAKING are such a part of God’s heart.

And, though these are FREE GIFTS TO US IN JESUS CHRIST…
They ARE meant to manifest in real practical ways in our world…
Through us His church!


I want to be wise like our Father
I want to see all sides from His eyes
I want to overcome my bias
I want to be as honest AND as kind as I can

I want to be a genuine father that people can trust…
NOT just another biased deadbeat dad that was a product of his circumstances and times.

I know I haven’t always done this right.
I will probably make mistakes.
(Though, that doesn’t excuse them.)
I may challenge you!
But, I will never be against you!

Will you help me and we can walk this out together???

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