Raised from the Dead! – The Fire House Chronicles

A beautiful little girl was raised from the dead while we were in Nicaragua!

Sunday evening, March 12th, Josh and I were driving his vehicle to meet with a man about some building details for the worship room here. As we were driving we were flagged down by a local friend who mentioned that someone needed to get to a hospital. We offered our help.

He led us to a bunch of people who were surrounding a little girl. The family of the child got into our back seat, with the girl in their arms. It was about 20 km to the hospital, so we quickly began driving.

Our Spanish is not great, so at first we didn’t realize that they were saying that the girl was dead. We just prayed in tongues under our breath and drove. About halfway through the drive, Josh said, “I think the girl is dead.”

The family did look extremely distraught. We spoke life and just kept worshiping and enjoying God as we had been before. And, as we were about 2km from the hospital the girl woke up. They took her in to the doctor, but he sent her home within minutes! We drove them all back home! Only later did we find out that the whole family and neighborhood had come out because the girl had turned blue and was considered dead.

As of today the little girl is walking, playing, and looks totally normal! The family is ecstatic, and recognizes that Jesus did a miracle! And, even all the neighbors know! We’re going to have a feast and worship time soon with this family to invite all the local people to hear the good news!

The girl’s name is Gesalene. She is alive and so loved! Be encouraged, dear friends, be encouraged! Jesus loves all the little children of the world!



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