Redefining God…

The man honored by Time as America’s “best theologian” when asked to explain his thoughts about humanity said simply “We’re shit.”

And, yet, unfortunately, I’m not surprised.
Since we started declaring the value and worth of man, I’ve received so much opposition from the church at large.
No wonder humanity is not interested in Jesus, Christianity, or the church!

However, this is not Jesus! Jesus would rather die and go to hell than live in heaven without us!

I apologize to those of you who have been told that you were poo poo in the name of God! That was never God’s heart! Never!

As crazy as theology and the church have gotten in so many places, Jesus still stands as a lover, liberator, and champion of humanity! For many, because of what they’ve experienced in church, I know that can be hard to believe…

But, would you consider with me a redefinition of His name?

I know that some would rather just chuck the whole thing. Move on from Jesus… Move on to a nameless God… or Move on from spirituality altogether… and I can understand that too.

My heart is to bring a re-definition…

I believe the truth is that Jesus reveals the beauty of God, humanity, and the whole created order more clearly than any other! Jesus brings freedom to the cosmos! Jesus demonstrated to the uttermost the substance of reality!

I still stand with the historic church, and the Bible. However, these might not say what you think they say! God is Light, in Him there is no darkness at all! God is love, always love… My heart is to see this demonstrated and experienced again all over the world, empowering humanity, and watching us all manifest as powerful and beautiful again!

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