All of us have opposed the Light,
All of us have been proud,
All of us have struggled,
All of us have gotten sick,
All of us have gone through tragedy,
All of us have hidden away secrets and locked up our hearts at times,
And without what Jesus did, we’d all still be stuck forever in the same old patterns…

This Light of the world didn’t come to expose the darkness of what we’d done.
That would make sense to us…
A God that shows up to expose our problems, the things that we should be ashamed of… and to help us fix them…

However… Jesus did something so much bigger!

The Light of the world came down to reveal the truest truth about us, not to expose the wicked and the proud. He didn’t come to expose the bad people or the bad in people! Not even for some ultimate good!

The Light of the world revealed our goodness our beauty our innocence, completed in Union with Him! Our authentic origin and true identity from the beginning!

He didn’t come to call us out!
He didn’t come to judge!
He didn’t come to add another layer of introspection and concern about the problems that fill “our dark hearts!”

Jesus came to justify us by Himself!
He came and became us, took on all our darkness, and crucified it!
He knew we would never submit enough, that we would never listen enough, that we could never surrender enough, thousands of years of Jewish history proved that!

God’s wonderful teachings and leadership wasn’t enough for proud people.

He had to absorb our darkness into Himself, kill it, and restore us completely to a brand new being, completely made whole and holy through and through!

You can’t teach people out of darkness and pride. You can’t even love them out of it when their hearts are hardened. It was much darker than any lesson or process could cure. It was a cancer. A sickness. And, God has so much compassion to heal our sicknesses!!! One of His names is Jehovah Rapha, “The God Who Heals!”

Jesus absorbed that cancer into a Himself and ended all our need for more processes! He healed us once and for all by His Person and His work!

We would never have been willing enough… pride destroyed the will. The bondage of the will is something theologians have addressed for centuries. None of us could make better choices enough to get us anywhere spiritually!

The ego, the false self, had to be destroyed once and for all! The old HAG had to be cut away entirely!

Remember how many times the people of Israel resisted God, even after He used every method to wake them up!?! They would always repent a little, but the same cycle would always return… until Jesus did something completely different!

Jesus came… not to “call us out” even more! He didn’t come to help us get back on the path of true repentance and surrender “for real this time.”

He came and did what we were all unwilling to do! He came and restored us all to 100% purity, innocent, and wholeness again! Never to be contaminated!

He cleansed us and healed us, by becoming us and completing the entire work of salvation in Himself, for us, as us!

Not by calling us to engage in another process, as God had already shown to be ineffective during the previous thousands of years…

Is salvation just saving us from hell so we can go to heaven? No, salvation meant delivering us from all evil, putting us into Shalom, and in perfect intimacy with Himself! Salvation meant making us COMPLETELY WHOLE! Shalom!

We were not at all ready for this!
We didn’t invite Him to come!
And we didn’t even welcome Him when He did.

But He saved each and every one of us anyways, and He gave us all His perfect new nature and identity! He is absolutely free from pride, evil, sickness, and everything negative. And He gave us Himself, once and for all! Now as He is, so are we in this world! He is our salvation! He is our new identity! We have our own personal identities as well, as a beautiful expression of Him, and those were fully made whole in Him!

We aren’t going from Glory to Glory on some life long process of purification! That ended when He came! When He died, we died!

The only question left is, “do we see ourselves in Him???” Do we know our identity as perfectly perfect because of what He gave? Or do we see ourselves as broken people full of insecurities, problems, or pride, in need of another process or more healing?

We don’t even need another process of awakening! We merely need at any moment to be awake or to discover what’s actually currently True, and that’s Holy Spirit’s main job, the One who always points us back to Jesus, our true identity!

The Good News is not about potential transformation. The Gospel is not just about forgiving us, and enrolling us on a sanctification process! The Gospel is the Good News of 100% restoration and redemption that has already been completed! It’s Good news of what already happened!

We can’t live more free by entering another process of laying things down or opening up or surrendering more or yielding or appropriating or whatever other new term or concept that is invented to describe the process…

We can only live free when we realize that by His stripes we WERE HEALED…ALREADY DONE!

And this is what we have in Him!
Freely, once and for all!!

The days of looking at our problems and “honestly dealing with them” are over! That’s the “way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death…”

This doesn’t mean we ignore or bury our problems either!
Instead, WE SEE JESUS!

He dealt with our problems, once and for all!

The Day of knowing only Jesus Christ and Him crucified is here!
We are perfectly new!
Now we’re free to go live that way!!!

God knows our old broken self no more!
He only knows you in Christ, whole and complete!!

When you know what He knows, you will live as He lives!

***This doesn’t mean you can’t go to the doctor when you’re sick, or go to a therapist for help with mental health, or enroll in prayer counseling to pray revelation for the freedom that is already yours over you!***

***This doesn’t mean you can’t have encounters that MAKE YOU FEEL more healed or whole!***

***This doesn’t mean you can’t surrender to your Lover, or yield to God, or cast out a demon… but merely in a secondary way… with an ever watchful gaze on the Truth THAT YOU ARE ALREADY PERFECTLY SURRENDERED and THAT THAT DEMON TRULY IS A NO THING ALREADY DEFEATED BECAUSE OF JESUS!***

I realize that many are discussing these realities right now, and there seems to be quite a bit of wondering, “is the finished works actually helpful?” or merely “a distraction” or “a partial truth?”

“Have we taken the finished works too far?” “Are we becoming religious about the finished work of Jesus?”

And, I GET IT, but here’s a key point that may help…

THERE IS A FALSE WORLD, ONE THAT ONLY EXISTS TO US SUBJECTIVELY BECAUSE WE EMPOWER IT, A WORLD BASED IN LIES THAT THE BIBLE CALLS “THE WORLD” where if we are more aware of that false world, we can still live in all the negative dark things of the old world! And they will have just as real of an effect on our subjective reality. However trying to interact and transform that world will only see limited effects at best! It’s like trying to fix up an always breaking car!

Christ lifts us to a whole new world!

In Christ is a WHOLE NEW WORLD of HEAVEN ON EARTH! Where all are saved and set free!!!

And, I see it only going further and more extreme in us realizing how much Jesus already did!!! In PROCLAIMING THIS NEW WORLD OF WHATS TRUE IN HIM, rather than trying to transform the old lesser world which only has substance in shadows.

Dear God it’s soooo GOOD!
Death is already defeated!
You are all completely inner healed!
Sin has no power left!

It’s only gonna get more extreme as we discover it more!

What Jesus did is more extravagant than we will ever comprehend!

Who He IS, and Who We Are in Him, my God!!!

We can truly rest assured, and lie down in perfect peace!!!

Not a single one among us realizes how finished it is!


THAT right there may be why many of us are still struggling!





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