Throw out all judgment?!? 😜

I wrote something earlier, that I feel strongly for our grace and glory friends! I’ll post it in the following paragraphs, because I’ve seen it affect so many people. It’s about judgment, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I’m absolutely tired of the critical attitude and negative “judgey-ness”of religious people, and even “non-religious” people too! That has got to stop!! But, is the solution to throw out judgment, or to eliminate all discernment? I’ve seen some friends get into some super damaging stuff in recent years, once they “threw out all judgment.” A whole book could probably be written about this topic right now, because it’s a sensitive and nuanced issue!! It affects real lives! I am open to dialogue! Here’s what I wrote…

Everyone judges.
It’s impossible not to, and it would be foolish not to. Any time you disagree with someone you’ve judged. Any time you disagree with something you’ve judged that. The difference is how you treat someone that you’ve just disagreed with and judged their behavior. Can we still treat them as beautiful, amazing people, keeping our hearts open to one another, even when we disagree? That’s the big deal, IMO.

I’ve seen people be absolutely rude on all sides, both the supposed “non-judgers” and the “judgers.” Non judgers are judging you for judging. Judgers are judging you for not judging! LOL The thing that hurts is when we treat each other poorly or rudely, or yes, as some have said even condemningly after we judge.

A simple look of the definition on google will show that judgment is a word that has like a dozen definitions, mostly things that you want to have in your life, “discernment”, “perception”, “wisdom,” “decisions,” etc. And, like I said everyone has those things going on in one way or another. Read 1 Corinthians 6, “do you not know that we will judge angels? So how could we not be competent to judge matters in this life?” it says.

Holy Spirit had me teach several sessions recently on this very topic. They are on my YouTube. What I found myself teaching was basically this… The current common understanding in the grace & glory communities about the tree of knowledge of good and evil and avoiding judgment has been skewed.

The issue God had with the tree of knowledge of good and evil, isn’t that there is no good and evil, nor is it that we shouldn’t have any judgments. The issue was us relying on ourselves as the independent source of deciding good and evil. The issue is independence and self reliance. In reliant union and our conversation within the Trinity in humility and love, true judgments are released. They are life giving! But also specific and real! It is absolutely ok to judge child molestation! It is absolutely ok to judge hatred and racism and oppression! The Trinity does this! And ultimately at the cross restores all those in love through judging that darkness to death and resurrecting all creation to Life! That’s the tree of Life! So, let’s not be fools! Let’s judge rightly in and like the Trinity in Christ, which destroys darkness and resurrects us all!

In closing, I’ll just say again, there’s much to be discussed here! Oh that we can love, without ignoring real issues, and without being rude and “judgy,” building one another up as One in Him, including all!!! Thanks for reading and considering my perspective. 🙌❤🐢😂🙌

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