Is our emphasis more about what we need to do for God? 

praying harder? Pressing more? Us keeping our first Love?

OR is our emphasis what Jesus has done?!?

Recently, I went back and looked at the web presence of several
ministers from back in the day that I used to listen to. They’re
still going for it. They still have thousands of followers.

Something struck me more than ever as I read their blogs, sermon titles,
and posts. Almost all of them are focused on preaching about things
WE need to do. This is a big reason why I disconnected from them in
the first place as I began to discover the Gospel of Grace. However, this time it struck me in a new way, maybe because it has been so many years since I paid attention to any of their stuff.

The thing is, most of what they are saying is based on scripture!
And, ALL of these ministers are preachers of Jesus who would identify
as protestant evangelicals. Yet, salvation by Grace through faith is
obviously considered to be just a basic thing that they almost never
talk about, or its meaning has been forgotten altogether.

Scripture does call us to live radical lives for God! Free from
sin! Passionate for His kingdom above all else! With our lamps
burning bright! Serving our neighbors, not just ourselves!

But, looking back at the years that I was a part of those ministries, I remember countless people struggling, many others full on burning out. I saw so many become more and more judgmental and
critical of themselves and others. I even saw some become depressed and discouraged to the point of cutting and self harm! I have friends
from those days that now want nothing to do with Jesus or God

Many don’t understand that this kind of radical life for God is so often just putting people under pressure. Most folks already have so much
pressure just from growing up, or the daily tasks of living their
lives. Is our Christian call just to lay more burdens on them? Is the call of our Lord Jesus Christ just another call to increase pressure?

My Lord!!! Looking at all of this has just made me all the more thankful for the authentic GOSPEL OF JESUS

You can always tell if the authentic Gospel is being preached by the way it
RELIEVES pressure!

It doesn’t relieve pressure by saying that sin doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t relieve pressure by saying that we should all just go
back to living for ourselves.

The Gospel relieves pressure by revealing Jesus and His ABUNDANT
life given freely to all! HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness are revealed in us!

The Good News of Jesus liberates and truly sets free by declaring
to us His once and for all gift of Life. The Gospel always reveals
Who our God is, and what He’s done to us and for us!

What I have seen these last dozen years or so, is that the Gospel
reveals His objective accomplishment and the unconditional LOVE OF
JESUS that never changes, even if we don’t live up to it! And, wow is there so much more richness
there than we will ever comprehend! Jesus brought heaven to earth, once and for all, as a free gift!!!

This is why it astounds me to see so many preachers with huge
followings still focusing on our behavior, our response, what
we need to do, and how to bring revival, etc. etc.

So many people think that this kind of pressure IS radical Gospel

Radical Gospel preaching is the unconditional Love of God
expressed in Christ at the cross!

This kind of unconditional love, favor, and blessing will produce
a far greater response from the heart than any pressure can do!

So, herein lies the question for us?

Are we going to let another generation pass by where are focused
mostly on people’s subjective responses and behavior?

Are we going to keep putting more and more pressure on the beloved
children of God?

Or, can we all just look at what He’s done! Who He is!!

Jesus Christ entered in to our human experience and filled it with
Glory once and for all!  

He is with us, in us, forever! We have all of God now!

What more are we trying to get humans to accomplish!?!

What are you living under and putting others under???

Are you aware of Jesus and all that He has already done and

Or, are you spending your days thinking
about what you need to do better, and what others need to do more?

Are you celebrating the Good News of Jesus and what He has done?

Or, are you just putting God’s beloveds under

– Matt Spinks

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