Waves in the Ocean by: Matt Spinks


Waves in the Ocean 

Come away and sit with me for just a minute this morning,
afternoon, or evening.

Not out of discipline, religion, or routine

But today, just out of love

Love for me, love for yourself, love for your neighbor

Out of this love, come away simply to enjoy

By learning to come away out of pure enjoyment, and love

We can find ourselves always centered, always rooted and

To the place where we no longer need to come away

For our hearts will be fully aware in every circumstance

We can enjoy this love in every circumstance

Our bliss is real, in the midst of every circumstance,
even transcending every circumstance

Ultimately transforming every circumstance

Father, I thank you for this unmerited favor

Unmerited favor, unmerited favor

Your absolutely free gift of blessing and blissing

Absolutely free, favor, full blessing, pure extravagant

I thank you Jesus that you are unstoppable Love

Holy Spirit I recognize your ceaseless passion for me

Delivering me completely, your work was successful

Hallelujah, thank you God, in you, now, I am completely

I look intently into the mirror and see the true me today

The true me, perfectly reflected there in the mirror of Jesus

Absolutely embraced in the Trinity, as a full-fledged
child of God

Whatever is true of Jesus, is now true of me

What great love the Father has lavished on us that we
should be called the children of God

And that is what we are!

I come to complete and perfect rest

Absolute confident stillness, not adding or taking away
from this moment

For I am lacking nothing, I shall not be in want

I don’t need to complete a thing. I am utterly satisfied
in You

In me in You

In what You have done, for me for You

We are One!

This means I have your joy! The fullness of joy

The Lord’s joy is mine! A full and complete joy!

I allow this energizing joy of the Lord to overwhelm me

Nothing can diminish this, not in your true reality

I sink deeper and deeper into this infinitely immense

Specifically, your joy

Specifically, your bliss

Specifically, your intoxicating goodness in me

Wave after wave after wave after wave of God

This is my center, this is my home!

My Father which art in heaven in me, You are always in a
heavenly state of bliss

My Father is in heaven, therefore I am always in heaven

Drinking with Dad

Drinking with Holy Ghost

I am seated with Jesus Christ

Jesus, you were anointed with the oil of joy above all
your companions

You are the most joyful person ever to live

This is my identity now

Exceeding overwhelming joy

Ceaseless, endless, horizon after horizon a sea of bliss
and endlessness in joy

This is what I possess in You, Jesus

So, I let it bubble

I let it bubble up

Bubble up, bubble up, bubble up, bubble up

Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble,
bubble up

Laughter of God!

I am in the laughter of God!

I am high on the laughter of God!

Let’s party!

Your yoke is easy, and your burden is light!

Why have I never seen it like this before?!?

You never created me for boredom!

You never created me for depression!

Your joy is the serious business of heaven!

Thank you, my sweet Jesus for this overwhelming joy

You, flowing through me, twenty four hours a day

My life is a continual festival celebrating deliverance
from sin

We are celebrating deliverance in to Life

Our Trinitarian life is pure delight


To whom else could I go?

You alone have the words of ecstatic life!

I have tried many a shallow drink

Oh, but Jesus Christ! You are no shallow drink!

To what could I compare you?

You are better than all the drugs put together!

Jesus, your heaven on earth ecstasy is better than candy
to a five year old girl!

This bubbling is better than the finest wine, more potent
than the strongest ale

Liquor may be quicker, but nothing is richer!

And, to be honest what’s quicker than the Lamb slain from
the foundation of the world

I’m already blitzed! I’m fully buzzed.

I refuse to wait for another drink.

In you, Jesus, I see me.
I am already permanently high!

We’re on our level, that next level, The Most High!

I breathe in the air of heaven now!

Oh, the sights, the sounds, the smells!!!

This air smells like Glory! I can taste the colors of
your being!

Thank you Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit for creating such
a wonderful world!

I refuse the lower, twisted, complaining, shell of a
world that so many are convinced of!

God, as I feel your exceeding goodness, I recognize the
goodness of all created things!

Reality is as high as I am!

We are not ignoring reality!

We are seeing the world in its’ wonderful redeemed state!

High and mighty! We are never in lack!

Your Holy Ghost Glory is pulsing through it all

In its’ true form

Just as I have been preserved in you Jesus

I see the whole world in your hands!

This high life is everywhere!

Pulsing through everything, You are!

The whole earth is full of Your Glory!

This is my reality now! I will never be alone!

I will never be discouraged!

As long as I see my God, the Most High

Bubbling through it all!

As we are now, resting away in your love

This has become my center

The endless horizon of your love, flooding the whole
earth with joy

We WILL live happily ever after!

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