What would Dr. King say today?

I am still feeling stirred and compelled to share what I believe is from the heart of Jesus Christ, our glorious Lord…

If you are going to comment, please read all that this post entails, carefully. Please compassionately consider what may be of God behind this…

1. I am sure that very few people change their minds by reading things on social media.

2. I don’t like at all the strange beliefs of many of the BLM folks, nor the excesses, the hatred, or the violence used in many places. I realize that on all sides of this there are polarizing voices playing the race card, and pushing people apart.

3. I would that we had more leaders flowing in what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was flowing in! To continue the full elimination of racism in every form in this country, and worldwide, and to do that wisely, kindly, yet forcefully.

4. Few of us really know what Dr. King was really like. And, I wonder how many of us would have fully supported him if we encountered him then OR now. Are we open to his challenge today?

5. I DO realize that we have come a long way, AND that these are different times. Yet, I am convinced after listening to and reading many of Dr. MLK’s messages that he would still be pushing for greater change, finding ways to continue that movement even now.

6. How many of Dr. King’s messages have you read or heard?

7. Do you know what he considered to be the great stumbling block?

8. Would you consider reading and praying through Dr. King’s “Letter from the Birmingham jail?"  https://swap.stanford.edu/20141218230016/http://mlk-kpp01.stanford.edu/kingweb/popular_requests/frequentdocs/birmingham.pdf

Another great video to get a better understanding of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. might be saying to us in these times…


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