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It is Finished! Jesus actually saved the world! We are at complete rest, abiding in Christ, in the midst of the blessed Trinity! The kingdom of heaven is at hand!

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Our Mission

Directed by Matt & Katie Spinks, this ministry is aimed at releasing that Good News message and empowering family and friends to live in Trinitarian Glory community, in Fort Wayne, Indiana and to the ends of the earth. A special focus of our ministry is also in the Kathmandu area of Nepal, where we run a children's home & trekking lodge.

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The Fire House Projects Co. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. All donations are fully tax deductible.

The Masterpiece

New Book!

by Matt Spinks

Order Matt's new little Love-drunk coffee table book on the Finished Work and the New Creation! A pre-ramble before his next full length release!

Matt & Katie Spinks

Matt & Katie Spinks have ministered the Gospel full time since 2008. They are relatively unlearned ordinary friends who encountered Christ's Finished Work and the Glory of God and have found themselves by Grace exploring wonderful mystic secrets! Matt & Katie have two wonderful children, Samuel and Rainbow. They are focused on family and community in their local region, as well as sharing this Good News online, and throughout the world.

Matt and Katie Spinks
High on God book cover

High On God

by Matt Spinks

In a world filled with discouragement, depression, and striving just to be happy, High on God presents an authentic solution in a radical approach to Jesus!! For many, the message of Jesus Christ has not been associated with the overwhelming joy of living. This book displays Jesus as the love-drunk Lord of the Dance!

"High on God," shares personal stories, encounters, history, and Biblical foundations to thrust readers right into a life better than any high! It's written in a language that will challenge Christians and non-Christians alike; sure to excite readers of all backgrounds.

Matt Spinks has been living out this bliss in community for over ten years, and walks in a unique, tangible atmosphere of child-likeness and joy. He has seen thousands of people released into heavenly ecstasy and encounter, and shares what he's learned in this rich, detailed, and power-packed book of bliss!

Answers the Questions

  • Is it possible to really be supernaturally high?
  • Is Jesus actually a God of joy and ecstasy?
  • Why is the Gospel considered good news?
  • Is pleasure sinful?
  • Can I integrate an overwhelmingly happy spirituality into real life?
  • What are the most healthy experiences of pleasure?
  • Can I live a heavenly life, even here on earth?

Rivers of Grace Children's Home


Founded in early 2021, just north of Kathmandu, in the Himalayan nation of Nepal, sits The Rivers of Grace children's home! Holy Spirit opened the door to this special land through a series of dreams and divine encounters. We now have a number of formerly at-risk children who have been brought out of poverty and destitution living on our land and being cared for in a loving Grace filled environment. We have three full time staff, and two part time working to change these young lives. Our team does mission trips here as well, yearly. The vision is to raise these children in Jesus' glorious Grace to be world changers in the Glory! If you'd like to partner with us in caring for these beautiful at-risk children, or if you'd like to go with us on our next trip, please send us and email and we can connect. Sign up for our email updates at the bottom of this website to get ongoing updates!

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